Game Cupcakes: DIY Temple Run Deliciousness

Like I wrote in my Minecraft Cupcakes article a few days ago, I have a habit of looking for cupcakes inspired by my favorite games and apps. When the day comes that I look for some particular game cupcakes that don’t exist yet, I will get out from my desk and into my kitchen to design them myself. Of course, I’ll share it all with you. However, so far, someone has always already done the work for us, which is really nice.

Last week, Minecraft took center stage in the game cupcakes category, and today it’s all about Temple Run. I love that game. I still haven’t gotten to a million points which is my goal, but I’ve gotten pretty darn close. I haven’t played a game that addicting since Angry Birds first became popular back in 2010. On Temple Run, the angel wings are key (at least for me). Once I started buying those with my coins, my score immediately doubled and sometimes tripled. At only 500 coins a pop, it’s a great bargain in my opinion.

If you are a Temple Run fan like me, and if you want to carry that fandom into the kitchen with you, how about bake up some Temple Run cupcakes? They are great little game cupcakes that will surely bring a smile to any Temple Run fan with a sweet tooth. I found a well written tutorial by a baker named Aikko on Bake Happy. It looks like a moderately difficult task, well, unless you have experience creating that famous Temple Run face with fondant. Either way, her instructions are very good, and you’ll have that famous icon’s face formed for your game cupcakes in no time. If I make these, I’d want to create some demonic monkeys to go on top of some of the cupcakes too. Hmm…I wonder how hard that would be. Check out the Batman and Robin animated Temple Run gif below for a little giggle.

Click Here For Temple Run Game Cupcakes Tutorial

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DIY Temple Run Game Cupcakes





I couldn’t resist adding this.
Batman and Robin Temple Run


Image Credits: [Bake Happy] [imgfave] [Temple Run Cupcakes / Flickr] [luuux]


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    Highly descriptive post, I enjoyed that a lot. Will
    there be a part 2?

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    run3 1 year

    Thanks for sharing usefull, I played temple run2 it really is, I seem to be attracted to the game, passing the challenge is not simple at all.

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