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Spiked Snow Cones: The Summertime Treat For Adults

Spiked Snow Cones: The Summertime Treat For Adults

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

These are the cutest little drunk snow cones I’ve ever seen! If you aren’t careful, summertime can become one of those times each year when you are completely inundated with kids. Since kids everywhere are out of school, the invade every aspect of our lives like smiley little Space Invaders. The pools, water parks, stores, barbecues, beaches, supermarkets and front yards are all full of them. Even if you don’t have any kids, sometimes it’s still hard to get away from them this time of year. Even the most popular tasty treats in the summer seem to be geared towards the kiddies.

If you want to become the master of your domain once again, how about start by taking a traditionally kid-oriented treat and redesigning it for adults only? Wow, that sounds like fun, right? I think so. I recently stumbled onto an Instructables user who I adore. She is a mom who calls herself Imnopeas, and every one of her tutorials is as much fun as the next. I wanted to share one of her Instructables with you today, and it’s a recipe for creating drunken snow cones. When she did this, she created four different snow cone flavors: Appletini, Classic Manhattan, Blue Lagoon and Cotton Candy.

You only need 6 things to make this work – liquor, snow cone syrup, snow cone sleeves, an ice shaver, a jigger and some plastic containers. There isn’t really a recipe since it’s so basic, but you can click over to DRUNKEN Snow Cones to see her one-page tutorial. If I were to make these, I’d figure out how to make a margarita snow cone. I’d put salt around the edge of the snow cone sleeve and put a slice of lime on the side. Nom nom! If you are into spiking more deliciousness around your house, try these Vodka Spiked Gummy Bears and this Vodka Spiked Bubblegum.

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Via: [Instructables]

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