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Snail Mail Just Got More Interesting With Chocolate Flavored Stamps

Snail Mail Just Got More Interesting With Chocolate Flavored Stamps

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If you need another reason to motivate you to send your grandma a piece of snail mail, maybe some Belgian chocolate flavored postage stamps will do the trick. It almost sounds too good to be true, but I assure you this is very true. These stamps smell and taste like decadent chocolate. The way the Belgium postal service got the chocolate into the stamps is very interesting.

They mixed a specific cocoa oil into the glue of the stamps. After the stamps printed on the paper, they painted the chocolate-infused glue on them. When you lick the stamp, you taste the glue, which in this case, tastes like Belgian chocolate. Apparently the most difficult part of the process wasn’t getting the chocolate flavoring onto the stamps, but getting the chocolate to taste like authentic Belgian chocolate. It took the work for four different countries to make this happen. If I lived there, I’d send everyone I know some snail mail with these stamps.

With traditional mail becoming an ever less important part of our lives (my mailbox is usually just full of junk), and with the United States postal service announcing this past week that they will stop delivering mail on Saturdays, it’s refreshing to see something positive happening in the world of snail mail.

This collection of postage stamps is called the “Chocolat,” and unfortunately, if you don’t live in Belgium, you won’t be able to get any of these. I wish they would create some of these here in the States. I live in Atlanta, and Georgia is called “the peach state.” I would be great to have a peach flavored postage stamp here! The Belgium postal service made 500,000 of these chocolate stamps, and they will go on sale next month. I read that if you email, they’ll send you one to try! I’m doing that today.

Snail Mail Gets Delicious With Chocolate Flavored Stamps






Via: [psfk] [Today News]

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