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5 Ways to Overcome Distractions
5 Ways to Overcome Distractions

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LIFESTYLE | 3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Science: Why Are We Ticklish & What Does It Mean?

The history of tickling

Before I get into the science of tickling, I wanted to share with you that I learned this week that it is impossible to tickle yourself. Did you know that? About the closest you can get to tickling yourself is tickling the roof of your mouth with your tongue, but that doesn’t really count, does it?

Tickling and being ticklish is actually way more interesting than I expected. The reason is because scientists have discovered that not only is it a neurological response to some forms of touch, but it can also be a learned behavior. One thing is for sure, a lot of information about tickling can be found in our evolutionary past.

According to Robert R. Provine, a neuroscientist and author of Laughter: A Scientific Investigation, tickling is a “mechanism for social bonding between close companions. It helps forge relationships between family members, friends and lovers.” I read a very interesting article on Popsci about the topic this week called FYI: What Is the Evolutionary Purpose of Tickling. That article highlighted many interesting aspects about tickling including:

You cannot tickle yourself
Tickling could be where the origin of laughter begins
In children, tickling can hone reflexes and self-defense skills
Your brain tells you that it is inappropriate to tickle a stranger
Laughter in response to tickling is learned in the first few months of life
At about age 40, we stop tickling and typically lose interest in that activity
The face-to-face activity during tickling opens the door for other forms of interaction
The most ticklish parts of the body are the most vulnerable during combat (feet, chest, neck, armpits)

Some people who are very sensitive to touch might react differently to tickling than someone who is not as sensitive. This is just the same as some people might hear or taste things differently than others. For some people, tickling and laughter are learned defense mechanisms used in certain situations if they feel uncomfortable. It often lightens the mood. If you close your eyes and concentrate during a tickle attack, you actually have the power to dull the sensation itself. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Via [Popsci, Boston Globe Online] Image Credit [Aleksandar Todorovic / Shutterstock, Mindy w.m. Chung / Shutterstock]

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Author: Diana Adams

Diana has a passion for blogging and has written over 4,000 blog posts. You can usually find Diana working in her home office in Atlanta or sitting in the corner of a downtown Starbucks somewhere with her mobile devices in one hand and a Grande Caramel Macchiato in the other. She loves Star Wars, hot chicken wings, and nice people.


Dirty d

February 25th, 2013

Is it possible to tickle someone to death?


King of the Andals

March 17th, 2013

An interesting article. It explains quite a bit.

“It is impossible to tickle yourself. About the closest you can get to tickling yourself is tickling the roof of your mouth with your tongue, but that doesn’t really count, does it?” This isn’t actually true. Running your tongue or finger along the roof of your mouth can tickle a lot, but I know people who have tickled themselves elsewhere. When scrubbing her feet clean, one friend said it tickled a lot. She may have used a tool, but it was still her performing it. Another friend waited until his arm was numb (to eliminate control), picked up his arm with the other hand and ran it across his stomach. He found it just as ticklish as someone else doing it. I have also tried tickling myself, without being numb, having full control and it worked. It didn’t tickle anywhere near as much as it does when someone else is tickling me, but I could only just bare it, so it worked rather well.

I hope this is also of interest and help.



April 27th, 2013

I’d just like to say I don’t think it’s impossible to tickle yourself. I can’t stand scratching an itch on the sole of my foot as it tickles too much. (funnily enough that’s how I got here) It might not actually be tickling myself though, I don’t find it very funny!


someone important to life

May 1st, 2013

You should of talked more about the science behind tickling but thanks very interseting



May 15th, 2013

I can absolutely tickle myself. I can’t bear to touch much of anything on my own feet, it’s just too ticklish.



October 8th, 2013

I am super ticklish on my feet and occasionally tickle MYSELF with a brush. I have a tickle fetish and love to be tickled. I can tickle myself. I can also tickle myself right below my boobs.



October 17th, 2013

I like it when people tickle my balls



November 19th, 2013

Actually I can tickle my ribs but nowhere else
But I’m ticklish all over


carol Berthiaume

January 3rd, 2014

When I go to my Doctors for breast exam , I can t stand it because I m so ticklish. He really has a hard time examing my breast.


Sathya Prabhakar

January 28th, 2014

I’m not ticklish at all. I’m still sensitive in other ways such as stepping on sharp objects. I’m only ticklish in my mind. I’m sure everyone has a ticklish mind. You can tickle someone’s mind by telling them funny jokes or funny stories.


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