Public Sleeping Rack Device Becomes A Huge Success In China

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Sometimes life can become so hectic that we can’t even enjoy the sleep we look forward to getting each night. In those times, we all try to think positively and get whatever sleep we can in order to function the next day, but sometimes that doesn’t even cut it. Sleep is important, we all know that, but when we become too busy to include sleep into our daily schedules, we need to innovate. That is exactly what the people behind the public sleeping rack device have done.

The public sleeping rack is a pretty simple contraption, and one that could change the immediate life of commuters and travelers throughout the world. Usually when you travel, you have to find whatever place or position you can to get those 5-10 minutes (sometimes more if you are lucky) of rest before it’s time to switch trains or buses again. The public sleeping rack is a mindless DIY build that very well could make those long hours at the office seem like a breeze even when you can’t sleep in the comfort of your home.

Just add two padded cushions to a couple of metal rods, and the device is finished. It serves a great purpose, and frankly, it looks kind of comfortable. Sure, it probably doesn’t stand a chance when compared to a bed, but when traveling on foot, this contraption could come in mighty handy. It’s currently gaining momentum in China, one of the most populated commuting countries in the world.

If you feel sleep has become a luxury in your life, you totally need to check out this public sleeping rack device. It’s made available over at Taobao and will only set you back between US$16 and $32, depending on what you are looking for. Even though this public sleeping device has gotten rave reviews all over the Internet, sales are still just increasing gradually. That is quite odd considering people sleeping on the shoulders of strangers and nodding off in the weirdest positions could be solved quite easily with this device. So, if you’re tired, get one of these!

Public Sleeping Rack Device From China





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