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New Service Deletes Your Online History With Ease

New Service Deletes Your Online History With Ease

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If you’ve been messing around on the Internet for as long and as much as I have, then you probably have information out there that you either forgot you entered on some random site or that you no longer want out there but can’t get rid of.

To make it even more complicated, why is it that so many sites make it impossible (or very difficult) to delete our account? I suppose that is a question to answer in a different article, but this article is all about a new company/service called DeleteMe that employs experts in end-user license agreements and privacy laws. For ten bucks (for each account) they guarantee they can delete all traces of your existence or you get your money back.

This could seriously come in handy to get those photos of you puking on New Year’s Eve off that random blog you found, right? This service could be useful to help delete accounts from Facebook, Hotmail, LinkedIn, Match, MySpace, eHarmony, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc… You can also remove an item on Google search, a blog post, a video on YouTube and more. What is even more fascinating to me than the information we can find out about each other online is how many people are interested in online privacy. For example, this service, which finds all your old online accounts for you, has a waiting list due to high demand. You can learn more about this service by watching the video below and visiting the DeleteMe website.

Via: [Red Ferret] Image Credit: [leungchopan / Shutterstock]

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