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The Lifespan Of 10,000 Fresh Roses In 6 Dramatic Pictures

The Lifespan Of 10,000 Fresh Roses In 6 Dramatic Pictures

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

One of the world’s most beautiful flowers is the red rose, at least to me. Receiving fresh roses is always a wonderful experience for a few days, but then they start to die. It’s always sad to me that the lifespan of a rose, or any flower, is so short. Having them displayed in a vase feels so luxurious yet so temporary. Some people keep them after they die and save them as dried flowers, and although that’s worked a few times for me, it’s not a skill I’ve mastered. When I first saw these pictures below, I was struck by the beauty of these flowers, in life and in death.

This is the first time I’ve seen the progression of the lifespan of 10,000 fresh roses in pictures, and it makes the process seem fragile and stunning instead of sad. Anya Gallaccio, an artist who specializes in creating life-to-death art within nature, popped the heads off 10,000 fresh roses and placed them neatly on the floor in this art gallery. As you see, the fresh roses made the floor of the gallery light up with their passionate red color (and I bet they made the room smell good too).

Of course, over time, that all changed. As they started to die, everything about their appearance changed, along with the feeling you get when looking at them. This is one of those art installations I wish I could have seen in person. You have to admit, even in the final picture which only shows a small portion of the 10,000 dead roses, they still look beautiful, just in a different way. Instead of looking soft and passionate, they look pale, crisp and dead. If you prefer roses that will last a little longer, how about try some DIY Red Roses Made From Duct Tape. Or, better yet, make a Bouquet Of Bacon Roses. They won’t be fresh roses, but they’ll definitely be interesting (and tasty).

The Lifespan Of 10,000 Fresh Roses

(Click Images To Enlarge)







Via: [My Modern Met]

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