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Learn About Yoga From 10 Gingerbread Cookies

Learn About Yoga From 10 Gingerbread Cookies

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

It occurred to me today that even though I’ve written about Toilet Yoga, Star Wars Yoga and Yoga For Dogs, I don’t know much about yoga. I’ve tried it before, and it’s much harder than it looks. I’d rather hit my bike for exercise than twist my body up like a pretzel. However, I may be changing my mind about that soon since I just read yesterday that maintaining flexibility is one of the keys to living a long healthy life.

If you are like me, and if you are considering venturing into the world of yoga, you might be surprised at what you can learn from these 10 gingerbread men. The yoga poses that these delicious little guys are in include down dog, wheel, savasana, spinal twist, warrior I, plow, tree, triangle, warrior III and lotus. If you would like to get some of these for yourself, you have a few different options.

You can order a box of pre-made yoga gingerbread cookies at Baked Ideas, or you can make your own. You can purchase the cookie cutters (there are 2 types: the lotus group and the down dog group) at Baked Ideas. The secret to making these look so realistic is all in the decorating (piping). Patti put together a fabulous piping tutorial (which I’ve put below) so your little yoga guys will come out looking just like these!

Learn Yoga From Gingerbread Cookie

Learn Yoga From Gingerbread Cookie

Learn Yoga From Gingerbread Cookie

Learn Yoga From Gingerbread Cookie

Via: [foodiggity]

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