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Pillow Fights In Cities Everywhere

International Pillow Fight Day: Feathers Are Everywhere

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Are you in the mood to smash someone in the face today? Do you have some pent up energy you need to let out? You are in luck because today is International Pillow Fight Day. In almost 100 cities all over the world, people will be gathering to hit complete strangers with pillows.

This event is part of the public space movement, and the idea behind it is really nice. According to Pillow Fight Day, “One of our goals is to make these unique happenings in public space become a significant part of popular culture, partially replacing passive, non-social consumption experiences like watching television, and consciously celebrating public spaces in our cities as our urban living rooms.

There are some rules for these massive pillow fights. First of all, please only bring soft pillows. Next, only swing them lightly (yeah right) and lastly, no fair hitting someone who is pillowless. This video below is from last year’s pillow fight in downtown Los Angeles. These photographs are from past pillow fights all around the world. To find a pillow fight to join in a city near you today, go to Pillow Fight Day.

Pillow Fights In Cities Everywhere

Pillow Fights In Cities Everywhere

Pillow Fights In Cities Everywhere

Pillow Fights In Cities Everywhere

Pillow Fights In Cities Everywhere

Via: [LA Times] Header Image Credit: [Roman Sinichkin / Shutterstock]

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