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Imperial Forces Wallpaper: The Dark Side Of Interior Design

Imperial Forces Wallpaper: The Dark Side Of Interior Design

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Let’s organize a mental picture for a second. Imagine not only the world being heavily inspired by Star Wars, but also that we started living in the spirit of it. What I mean is, if we started to incorporate all the Star Wars “guff” into our everyday lives and didn’t feel odd about it whatsoever. We have somewhat done that by posting Star Wars posters on our walls when we were a teenager. We’ve also done it when we’ve gone out of our way to get the latest Star Wars action figurines. It never really ends. This was of course back in the ’80s since that was when I was a little kid myself. The Star Wars magic is a hell of a lot different from a lot of movies out there, and it never seems to wear off.

So if you’re one of the people who is constantly digging into the deep pool of Star Wars stuff on the Internet, this new Imperial Forces Wallpaper should definitely stroke your fancy. Putting this up in your living room will most likely not only strike a chord with all your friends, but also set a whole new tone in your entire apartment or house. This insanely trendy (if I may call it that) wallpaper was first created by Brian Flynn who made it for the walls in his store called Super7 in San Francisco. It was later discovered by Steve Sansweet who licensed it, and made it available for sale.

It will set you back a cool $75 for 17 sq. feet or $350 for 101 sq. feet. You will be able to purchase it through Brian’s store. If you ever wanted to geek out your living space, I totally think you should have a look at this and cough up the cash to reinvent the lifestyle you’re trying desperately to claim is all about Star Wars. If I ever get a retro Star Wars arcade game cabinet, I will definitely complement it with this wallpaper. I just hope it is around by the time I find one. So what do you say? Time to switch it up a little at home?

Imperial Forces Star Wars Wallpaper

Imperial Forces Star Wars Wallpaper

Imperial Forces Star Wars Wallpaper

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