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How To: Make A Delicious Doughless Pizza

How To: Make A Delicious Doughless Pizza

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Almost everyone loves pizza, right? I do, but I don’t eat dough because I’m watching my carbs. I’ve often wondered why pizza restaurants offer cheeseless pizza, sauceless pizza, but not doughless pizza. Doesn’t it make sense that if we get to customize the toppings, we should also be able to customize the crust?

Until pizza restaurants are able to provide the kind of pizza that a lot of us want, I’m happy to say a creative chef at lxrcuisine figured out how to create a pizza crust using potatoes instead of dough. Just stick with me before you point out that potatoes probably don’t contain less carbs than dough. One thing I’ve learned from years of cooking is that sometimes learning a method is even better than learning a recipe because it is so versatile. If we use this brilliant method as a guide, we can create a pizza crust out of many different foods, specifically those that are low in carbohydrates.

On this particular pizza, if you look in the first picture below, you’ll see the cheese is layered on top of a white stringy ingredient. Those are potatoes sliced into pieces about the size of angel hair pasta. Think about all the different options we could use as a substitute for that! You can purchase a slicer that creates those angel hair pieces out of any vegetable on Amazon. To check out this exact recipe and others (including a shrimp scampi pizza… nom nom), click on over to Wonder How To. Now I’m hungry. It’s time to hit the farmer’s market for some fresh veggies to make my own doughless pizza.

How To Make Pizza

How To Make Pizza

How To Make Pizza

How To Make Pizza

How To Make Pizza

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