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Have Sex With A Guy With A Mustache Day

Have Sex With A Guy With A Mustache Day

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Asylum and The American Mustache Institute have officially declared November 18th a new holiday called “Have Sex With A Guy With A Mustache Day.” After all, you aren’t a whore if you do it for charity, right?

As we know, in the month of November, men around the world are encouraged to grow a mustache to show their support and raise awareness about prostate cancer research. You can read more about this and about how much a mustache can enhance a man’s look here.

What about the women? Everyone knows cancer is a real a-hole, so how can we show our support on that day? Sure, we could create a cheesy computer generated mustache on the Mustaches Make A Difference website, but where is the fun in that? Instead, how about we join in the fun and get our va-jay-jay tickled by a mustache? Sounds like fun to me! You don’t have time to grow a mustache to attract the ladies? You can buy a pack of fake assorted mustaches here for only 2 bucks. I wonder if having sex with a guy with a fake mustache counts.

Like the video says, now you can use your vagina to make a difference. I want to encourage women everywhere to get busy with a man with a mustache this Thursday. Together, we can do it!

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One Comment

Douglas Smythe

April 19th, 2013

This is very inspiring! Soon Moustache May will be here! Look out ladies!

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