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Future T-Shirts Will Apparently Be Made Out Of Wood

Future T-Shirts Will Apparently Be Made Out Of Wood

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

One of the most popular things people buy online are t-shirts. There are countless websites on the Internet that offer cool, quirky, odd, cute, romantic and funny t-shirts. You can even create your own through various websites as well. The possibilities are endless. As always, there are people out there who look at things just a little bit differently, and they try to come up with new things. We saw that yesterday in my article about the reversed high heels. If anything, that should be evidence that a creative mind is the ultimate creator. Future t-shirts don’t seem to be as comfortable as they used to be. It so happens that some designers believe wood has a great edge in future t-shirt design.

This quite interesting idea comes from French designer Pauline Marcombe, and it is a look at what a creative mind can come up with when the ordinary has become boring. Her approach is to use wood as her main material, and she links sheets of it together into a form that fits just about anyone. Future t-shirts will of course have to be tailored to each and every person, but what does that matter when you will get your very own protective layer to guard you against whatever may cause you harm?

The t-shirts, called Prototype Triangle Numéro 1, are created out of laser-cut wooden slabs (MDF) and then jointed together with wire. It’s an art project that will inspire a lot of designers to think differently. Sure, there’s no doubt a comfy wool t-shirt will still be preferred, but these future t-shirt designs may give things a little bit of an extra twist. I wonder if all of these ideas will culminate into future t-shirts shape-shifting into something entirely different than what we are wearing today. I would personally like my future t-shirts to be just like they are today. I don’t think it would be very comfortable to wear one of these wooden t-shirts. But then again, I haven’t tried one so what do I know, right?

Future T-Shirt Design – Prototype Triangle Numéro 1







Via: [Dezeen]

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