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Finger Plates Make The Party An Eating Marathon

Finger Plates Make The Party An Eating Marathon

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Weird things seem to make our lives so much more fun. It’s like they make perfect sense in every way, even though they shouldn’t, and the more weird the better. Some things are meant to become viral off their own incredibly odd appearance, while other things go viral just because they increase the fun factor of our lives. I guess the finger plates involves a little bit of both. These remarkable pieces of geek food utility are totally going to change that mingling party of yours. Usually people walk around with plates full of food while trying to connect with people they haven’t met before. With these finger plates, things will become ultimately more simple.

Sure, if you are really hungry, these plates won’t come as a comfort to you. You would have to undertake a small marathon just to be able to feel full. However, these are totally nifty when it comes to shaking hands with people and not having to be a circus act in order to hold the glass and plate at the same time. But then again, would you really like to shake someone’s hand while you are eating? There could be all kinds of germs, right?

The awesomeness with these finger plates is that they enable a whole new way of conducting your party. First off, there will definitely be smiles on everyone’s faces when they see these small little things presented to them. Plus, you will never have to look at a person shoving their face with food with these. Maybe these finger plates are for the more exclusive parties. I doubt these would do well at a frat party, or?

They come in packs of 10 and will set you back a cool $8.65 through Amazon. Head on over and order yourself some of these finger plates, and you will totally reinvent that party you have been planning for so long. I have no idea whether or not you can wash these or if they are disposable. The geekiness in them totally got me off track to even bother looking that up. I am sure if you really want to know, the Amazon product page should probably tell you. Now, who’s up for a little mingling party with finger plates? Anyone?

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Via: [Gizmodiva]

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