Expert Driving Techniques Everyone Needs To Know

Remember when everyone used to ask for fun, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Then CNN, MSNBC and most of the other news websites published the definitive answer, as determined by some obviously very smart scientists. The egg came first.

One of the next most common riddles is, “Who are better drivers, men or women?” Personally, I think those gender questions when they refer to things like driving are kind of ridiculous because we are all human beings. Some human beings suck, some don’t. Some can drive well, some crash. However, people still love to ask the question.

Although I can admit that I’m a bad driver, statistics generally show that women are better drivers than men. It’s tricky when going through the stats though. Overall, women are in more traffic accidents than men, but most of them are just little fender benders. On the other hand, when men get in accidents, they tend to me much more serious ones, sometimes life threatening.

Overall men are charged with reckless driving more often than women. However, does this really mean that women are better drivers than men? It might be more accurate to say that women are safer drivers than men. Women don’t take as many risks when driving. All you have to do is drive on I-285 around Atlanta to know that is true. (sources for these facts are listed below).

Maybe instead of trying to determine who is the better driver, we should all just focus on improving our driving skills. This infographic below by iMingle illustrates several expert driving techniques which will definitely come in handy. I especially find the section called “Controlling Your Vehicle” helpful since I never know what to do when my car hydroplanes. I probably need to print this out and read it over and over!

Dave from Crawley Truck & Bus agreed “Everyone can do with a little more knowledge on the road, reading online or even taking additional courses can save lives and decrease your insurance.

Men vs. Women Better Driver

Men vs. Women Better Drivers

Men vs. Women Better Drivers

Men vs. Women Better Driver

Men vs. Women Better Drivers

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