Deodorgram: The Anonymous Way To Tell Your Friend He Has B.O.

Have you ever had a friend with B.O.? Or even worse, have you ever had a friend with B.B.O. (beyond B.O.)? According to the urban dictionary, B.O. is “the smell that is created when bacteria feeds on sweat hence making it stale.” I don’t know for sure if that’s right, but I do know that B.O. is rank, and if you’ve ever spent time around someone who has it, you know exactly what I mean. If you’ve ever wanted to tell someone that he or she has B.O., but you wanted to do it anonymously, I have an idea for you. You could either send that person a note in the mail (be sure to type it), set up a fake email address and send that person an email (although if that person is smart, it won’t be anonymous for long) or better yet, send him or her a Deodorgram.

I’ve noticed that some people who have B.O. don’t seem to mind it too much since it’s a way of life. I’ve also wondered if maybe some people’s noses either don’t work, or if we just become immune to some smells after a while. Either way, if you think the person will be receptive to your generous gift, then I definitely recommend getting him or her a Deodorgram.

To do this, you simply order a “For Pits Sake” all natural deodorant for $10 and have it sent to the recipient with one of three standard notes. The most popular one is, “You’ve always been such a cute little stinker, now you can just be cute and little! Please enjoy this hard working natural deodorant sent to you from a caring friend.” You have four kinds of deodorant to choose from for your friend. There’s lavender, citrus, lime and clove and unscented. Your confidentiality will remain completely intact, and your friend will get some gentle encouragement to clean his or her pits. Ten bucks seems like a lot of money to spend on some deodorant that will be sent to a friend, but the marketing behind it is very creative!






Via: [Oddity Central]


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