Delicious Love Notes: Edible Ink In Edible Cards With Edible Envelopes

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Valentine’s Day is only 12 days away! It’s time to start thinking about what you want to get for your sweetie to show her how much you love her. Give her something this year that will make her heart sing – something that you know none of her friends will get. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it just has to be thoughtful. How about a delicious love note written in an edible Valentine’s Day card?

Love notes are always nice, but delicious love notes are even better. If I received an edible Valentine’s Day card, I don’t know if I could actually eat it though. I’d want to save it forever as a keepsake. Medical Illustrator Emily Evans and Miss Cakehead collaborated to create this edgy “heart between two skulls” edible card design. The inside of the card is completely blank, so you can write your delicious love note on it with an edible ink marker.

The style of the card is Mexican papel picado, and amongst other things, the card is made from vegetable oil, water and potato starch. The marker with the edible ink and an edible envelope come with each card. The cost for each card is $12, which is such a great price considering the ordinary, boring cards are about $3 – $6 each. These would be great for the kids too!

Ladies, if you want to get your guy something edible for Valentine’s Day but you don’t think sending him this delicious love note will do the trick, I have another idea for you. You can make him this Edible Cookie Bra that’s created from a mold of your own breasts. I bet he’d love to eat that cookie for dessert! Whatever you decide to do, make it thoughtful and make it special. After all, Valentine’s Day only comes along once a year.

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