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Savor The Force With Death Star Chocolate Covered Cherries

Savor The Force With Death Star Chocolate Covered Cherries

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

When I was on Pinterest this morning, I saw a quote that read, “Let’s snuggle and watch Star Wars.” It is the best quote I’ve seen all week. I’ve got a way to make that experience even better though. I’d like to change that to, “Let’s snuggle, watch Star Wars and eat Death Star chocolate covered cherries.” You know what they say, there’s nothing in the world that snuggling, Star Wars and chocolate can’t fix, or maybe I just say that.

Chocolate covered cherries are such a classic, especially this time of year. These Death Star chocolate covered cherries were created by Andre Murrai at ZeeK Confeitaria in Brazil. He’s known for his Star Wars chocolate creations.

Since there is no way to order these unless you live in Brazil, we’ll just have to make our own. I don’t know if I made these if they would turn out this pretty, but it’s definitely worth a shot. First we’ll need a chocolate Death Star mold. I found that here on Amazon for $11.95. It’s a silicone tray so it can be used to make a Death Star chocolate mold or Death Star ice cubes.

Next, we’ll need a rockin recipe for chocolate covered cherries that we can incorporate the Death Star chocolate mold into. I think I found a good one on I read the 48 comments, and most people seem to think this is the best recipe out there (but people also say it’s messy to make). You can check it out at My Famous Chocolate Covered Cherries. When you look closely at the pictures below, it looks like the Death Star was cut in half and then the cherries were added. Who else is up for trying this? If it fails, no worries, we’ll still end up with a bunch of chocolate and cherries, and you really can’t go wrong with that!

Click Death Star Chocolate Covered Cherries To Enlarge


Via: [Incredible Things] [Neatorama]

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