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Cupcakes Made With Insects: Someday You’ll Love These

Cupcakes Made With Insects: Someday You’ll Love These

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We’ve written many times about how in the future we’ll have to eat different foods than we eat now. The world’s population is simply growing too fast to sustain our current lifestyle when it comes to food. There are many theories about what exactly those future foods will be, and scientists around the world are working on their interpretations of the best ideas right now. Some people say we will find new ways to create our own nutritious foods, meaning we will eat things that currently don’t exist. Other people say we will eat things that exist now but that we currently don’t consider food.

Currently 70% of the agricultural land around the world is used for raising livestock for us to eat, and that is clearly a luxury we won’t have in the future. So it makes sense that finding alternative resources for protein would be a top priority. That’s where these insects come into the picture. Since there are a gazillion insects in the world, wouldn’t it be a logical nutritional substitute to use insects for protein instead of livestock? And, yes, gazillion is a real word. It is a 1 with 86,430 zeros after it. Okay, maybe there aren’t a gazillion insects, but I know in my backyard there are close to that many.

A few years ago, I would have scoffed and snubbed this idea, but now I’m warming up to it. The grasshopper you see in these pictures is a sweetly caramelized grasshopper, and those are mealworms on that other cupcake. These pictures were taken at an event last week at the University of Wageningen to celebrate the launch of “The Insect Cookbook.” Before you turn your nose up at this, just remember, we all found out a few days ago that Starbucks has been using crushed bugs in the frappuccinos they’ve been serving us… and that’s delicious! In Starbucks’ defense, they’ve promised to stop doing that within a few months.






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