The Chicken Nugget Cupcake Design…I’d Eat It

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Get ready for a mind-trippy cupcake experience. I love venturing into the mysterious land of food designs that are “things that look like other things.” When you read that, you have to say it in a deep scary voice. It really is spooky sometimes, but I can’t resist. Making these kinds of creations is such a popular pastime for many foodies, and I love it. I’ve probably written about a few dozen of these types of nom noms, and until today, the Twinkie Hot Dogs were my favorite. What you see here though will truly twist your brain into a pretzel. This is a cupcake design unlike any you have ever seen…

These are cupcake chicken nuggets. Yep, that is a cupcake design you are looking at, or a strange yet very interesting version of one. According to the Cupcake Project, “Cupcake nuggets are cupcake pieces breaded with cupcakes and then deep friend. Cupcake nuggets look enough like fast food chicken nuggets to fool all but the nugget connoisseur, but taste like doughnuts with crispy, sweet exteriors.” I only have one word to say – Oh hell yes. Wait, that was three, but you get my drift.

Just like with real chicken nuggets, you’ll want to eat these with a dipping sauce. Instead of honey mustard, Cupcake Project suggests BBQ sauce (raspberry jam), ranch dressing (vanilla frosting) or even mustard (lemon curd). Reeeeeeally? Are you kidding me? These are awesome! They almost look like hot Krispy Kremes, only better. Of course, the way they are displayed on the plate and in that drive-thru chicken nugget box is brilliant (it even comes complete with fast food grease splatter).

If you’d like to make this cupcake design for yourself, just click over to Cupcake Nuggets – So Sinful, So Worth It. If you have a fryer at home, you’ll be able to whip these up in no time. And, speaking of Krispy Kreme, I found a recipe for How To Make Krispy Kreme Doughnuts over there too. Dang, I feel like I gained five pounds just from hanging out on that website today. Cheers and nom nom!

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Via: [Cupcake Project]

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