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Cardboard Furniture: The Cardboard Cat Condos Your Kitty Will Love

Cardboard Furniture: The Cardboard Cat Condos Your Kitty Will Love

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Cardboard furniture is definitely trendy at the moment. I don’t know how long the trend will last, but we’ve written about it several times before. Having cardboard furniture in your living room would create the ultimate foldable, recyclable lifestyle. I remember a while back I wrote about a restaurant completely made out of cardboard. Many people treat their cats like royalty, so it makes sense that the cardboard craze would spill over into the feline population.

Today I’d like to share some cardboard condos for cats. As I’ve said many times before, I don’t have a cat. I’m a dog person. I read that cats like to roll around and lounge in boxes. If that’s true, your cats will probably love these cardboard cat condos. It is a modular form of cardboard furniture that is specifically designed to make your kitty happy.

They are called Catty Stacks. You can buy just one box (condo), three boxes or even a pack of ten boxes (depending on how many cats you have and how many condos you want to stack on top of each other). They come in different colors too. You can get them here on Amazon.

If your cat is more sophisticated than this, and if you think he or she will snub its nose and whiskers at such basic boxes then I have another option for you. This Creative Cat Transportation System for your home office might be the way to go. I have no idea how to build such a thing, but it looks amazing. Every time I write an article about cats, it makes me happy I have dogs. Dogs are so much less maintenance, or at least it seems that way. Maybe I’m wrong. What do you think?

Catty Stacks: Modular Cardboard Furniture For Your Kitty






Via: [Inthralld]

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June 6th, 2016

Very cute, creative and unique furniture ! Amazing! This is pretty idea for my cats living in my condo. Thank you for this great idea!

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