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The Willy Wonka Style Candy Bike That Delivers Cupcakes

The Willy Wonka Style Candy Bike That Delivers Cupcakes

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If I had this Willy Wonka style candy bike when I was a little girl, I would have felt like a princess. This thing is a kid’s dream come true (and mine). What would you do if you were taking a 3D design class, and your teacher gave you a Huffy bike and an assignment to use it to make something new with a message? Would you take the bike apart and create something entirely new? Would you keep the bike intact but add a sense of fantasy and fun to it? Designer Britta Hope got this exact assignment, and she decided to make a candy bike that delivers cupcakes.

As you can see, most of Britta’s bike looks like a piece of candy, and even the rubber tires have icing with sprinkles on top covering them. The middle part of the bike appears to be filled with gumballs, and the whole thing is in glorious pink! You’d be the talk of the town if you rode this candy bike down the block as a kid, especially since it delivers cupcakes to all who pass by. That’s right…The giant cupcake on the back of the bike holds all the cupcakes. When the person riding this candy bike stops to chat, she can reach in the back and pull out a cupcake for her friend. It’s all so simple and delicious looking.

The sad part is, this candy bike doesn’t really exist. Again, it was all part of Britta’s school assignment. Have you ever noticed that some of the best designs aren’t real? Bummer. This candy bike is one of those designs that I really wish was stocked in the stores. I can think of so many little girls who would love to have this. You can learn more about Britta on her Behance page.

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Via: [Design Swan]

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