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Bug Memorials: Paying Respect To Dead Bugs On The Street

Bug Memorials: Paying Respect To Dead Bugs On The Street

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Unless it’s a mosquito or roach that’s flying towards me (roaches fly here in the south), I don’t kill bugs. I don’t kill anything. I’m just not a fan of that. And yes, I eat meat, and lots of it, so maybe I’m a hypocrite, I don’t know. All social graces aside, I don’t like to see anything get killed, even disgustingly dirty bugs. When I saw this installation about little bug memorials, it touched my heart, in a humorous way.

This project, by Carmichael Collective, is ongoing and very creative. Since those of us who live in a big city are often scurrying from place to place, and busy all the time, we often forget to stop and check out the world around us, especially when we’re all on smartphones all day long.

The purpose of this installation is to make people stop, stare, and in that moment become aware of their surroundings. Seeing a dead bug on the street or sidewalk with a little memorial around it suddenly makes everything outside seem more significant and worth seeing. These itty-bitty flowers wrapped in tissue paper and wreaths are so cute. I wish I could find more information about how they make these little miniatures for each memorial. If you want to see how another artist memorializes dead bugs, check out Squished Bugs Peeled From A Car Windshield.






Via: [Junk-Culture]

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