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Release Stress With The Anti-Stress Bubble Wrap Solution

Release Stress With The Anti-Stress Bubble Wrap Solution

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I don’t know what it is about bubble wrap, but like a lot of people, when I’m around it, I have to pop it. It’s like an uncontrollable obsession. I remember a few years ago when those bubble wrap websites started popping up (literally) everywhere. We learned that we could get almost the same satisfaction from popping bubble wrap with our cursors as we could with our fingers. Bubble wrap can act as an anti-stress solution too, and even help us relax a little. We should all probably keep some bubble wrap on hand for those moments when we need a breather.

Artist fra-biancoshock must feel the same way. He installed a place where people can de-stress at a bus stop in Milan. It’s a little station where people can take a free sheet of bubble wrap to pop if they need a moment to relax. As you’ll see in the pictures, they are labeled 3 min, 5 min and 10+ min which shows how long the bubble wrapping experience will last. You just take the size that is appropriate for what you need and start popping. It’s a very simple, clever way to unwind, and it’s a lot more convenient than getting a massage.

I did a little research on bubble wrap today. I wanted to find out the origin of this mysteriously fun packing material. It turns out, the two inventors who created it were trying to make a 3D plastic wallpaper. That idea was a failure but voila…bubble wrap was born. This happened back in the 1950s. According to Wikipedia, “it can be used as a source of amusement and to alleviate stress.” So I suppose it really does calm us down a bit. If you are stressed now, you can head over to Virtual Bubble Wrap to pop some right now.

The Free Bubble Wrap Anti-Stress Station Helps People Relax





Via: [Design Taxi] Header Image Credit: [Liz Lemon]

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