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Age Is Only A Number: The 100-Year-Old Pageant Winner

Age Is Only A Number: The 100-Year-Old Pageant Winner

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I love writing about old ladies. They are just so cute and full of wisdom. They are special people in the world, and if you have to opportunity to listen to an old lady’s stories, you’ve truly been given a wonderful gift. In some countries, elderly people are treated with kindness and respect. That isn’t always the case here in the States, but I wish it were.

I remember when I wrote about grandmas & technology and the oldest known Facebook user and geek. However, my favorite article I’ve ever written about old ladies would definitely have to be one about Daphne Selfe. She is a very successful supermodel, and she is 82 years old.

Today’s story is about the Ms. Alabama Nursing Home pageant. 74 ladies, each representing different nursing homes, competed for the crown just last week. The contestants were judged in three categories: poise, outlook on life and involvement in her nursing home.

Felma Schrimshire, who is 100 years old, snagged first place. Felma had a great time waving and saluting the crowd. She really knew how to work the stage. The fourth-place runner up, Mary Lois Shannon, also pictured below, is 101 years old. Bessie Smitherman, who is 90 years old, was crowned first runner up. She is pictured below in the pink dress. In the question portion of the competition, the judges asked Bessie, “If you could relive one moment, what would it be and why?” She answered, “I would be married again. I met the love of my life. He was my dance partner. I stayed with him, or rather he stayed with me, for 50 years.

Felma captured the hearts of the judges, and first place, when they found out that she visits each resident in her nursing home every week to sit with them for a few minutes and give them some encouraging words. Now that Felma holds the title of Ms. Alabama Nursing Home, she will not only get to visit other nursing homes across the state as a spokeswoman, she will also get to sit on top of floats in various state parades. Awwww we love you ladies! Congratulations!

Old Lady Beauty Contest

Old Lady Alabama Contest

Old Lady Alabama Contest

Old Lady Alabama Contest

Old Lady Alabama Contest

Old Lady Alabama Contest

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