The Advantages Of Decorating With Wall Decals

For many of us, decorating our homes represents a challenge, albeit an enjoyable one. Those of us who are all too familiar with the pain of not being particularly good at art, or even able to wield a paintbrush properly, the prospect of decorating a single room can be daunting, let alone an entire home. The good news is that, once again, modern technology offers an elegant solution. A solution that works so well that you might even feel like you are cheating somewhat. The solution is called Wall Decals.

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This solution comes to us in the form of wall decals, yes those kinds of decals. We are all used to seeing vinyl decals on the side of cars, whether they are promoting a business, offering the phone number of a taxi firm, or adding to the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.They are an undeniably effective and simple way of adding decoration.

In this regard, they work just as well when used on the walls of your home as they do on the side of a car. There are a number of advantages to turning to vinyl wall decals when decorating your home; they are worth considering for everybody, even those who hadn’t even heard of them until they read this!

In this article, we take a look at some of the key advantages of using wall decals as a way of livening up the interior of your home. Whether you are looking to introduce something different, something unique into the aesthetic of your home, or simply want to personalize the space you live in, wall decals are an excellent way to go.


Vinyl is a durable material and vinyl stickers are much more resilient and resistant to tearing and damage than other kinds of stickers. This makes a vinyl wall decal a fantastic choice for individuals who want something which is going to survive in the long term without having to worry about it fading or peeling. Any wall decal you purchase will be designed to last for a number of years (usually 5 or more) when outside and exposed to weather. If kept indoors, their life expectancy goes up even further.

Cost Effective

Purchasing a vinyl wall decal doesn’t usually cost more than £15, although of course, this will depend on the exact design you choose as well as the physical size of the sticker. There are no costs associated with putting the sticker up once you have bought it home. As with any other sticker, you simply peel it from its backing and apply it to the desired area. It sounds too good to be true right? But that is the power of the vinyl wall decal, it allows anyone to turn any piece of art they desire into an easy to use wall sticker which can then be put up in their home with minimal fuss or effort.

When you compare this to the costs that would be involved in having a professional artist produce and design a piece of art, and then the time and cost of having it painted on your wall, the vinyl wall decal is clearly a much better option in almost all situations.

Variety Of Wall Decals

You can turn any picture, photo, or piece of art that you like into a vinyl wall decal and there are a number of businesses out there who can provide this service to you. Even without entering into the world of custom designs, however, there is still a huge variety of designs available.You can find a wall decal to match any home, room, or personality if you are willing to look.

Wall decals lend themselves very well to the artwork of artists such as Banksy, in fact creating an urban, street graffiti look in your own home is one of the most popular uses of vinyl wall decals.

Vinyl wall decals are a really efficient and simple way of improving the look of your home. Whether you’re looking for something to make your kids’ bedrooms a little bit more personal, or you want something prominent to display in your front room to impress your guests, vinyl wall decals are the most cost-effective ways of achieving these goals. They are a lifesaver for those of us who aren’t so good with DIY decorating.

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