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Canine Communication: All About Your Dog’s Bark [Infographic]
Canine Communication: All About Your Dog’s Bark [Infographic]

LIFESTYLE | 5 Years Ago By Misty Belardo

A Cooking Resource For Geeks

The Book Cooking For Geeks

Ever since I moved to the States, it has been a challenge to prepare meals. My mom is a wonderful cook, and she has always encouraged us to cook. However, since I’ve always worked so many hours, I never really had the chance to learn how to make the many famous recipes that she made our circle of friends and family. Today I was able to enjoy a trip to one of Cincinnati’s most popular attractions, Jungle Jim’s. It is a huge store where you can buy almost any product imaginable. I was even able to find Filipino ingredients.

However, I realized while I was there that even though it is a wonderfully huge store, I had a hard time appreciating all the products available. The reason of course being that I don’t know what to do with most of those ingredients. It made me remember all the times I would go with my mom to the store, and she would know right away what was needed for a particular dish that she wanted to prepare.

I am the type of person who is always eager to learn though, and even though I may be far away from home, I still want to be able to eat right and enjoy the meals that I prepare for myself. I have been watching a lot of shows on the Food Network, and I scan the Internet for recipes that I can easily follow. While going through my research, I found this very cool cook book entitled Cooking for Geeks. This is interesting because not only do you get the step-by-step directions to prepare the dish, but you also get help understanding the science that goes on in your kitchen. This is a terrific way to learn how to cook and the process that goes along with food preparation, all at the same time!

cooking for geeks cookbook

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