5 Ways To Earn The Trust Of The Professors

An extensive body of research indicates that student-professor relationships are vital on a number of different fronts. For instance, it predicts completion and persistence in college. Healthy relations with professors affect the extent of effort most students make in courses.

The way your professor feels and thinks about you is likely to influence how much time and effort she or he is willing to put in for helping you with the course, especially the complex aspects.  In addition, your professor may write you a glowing letter of recommendation that will be helpful in your academic or professional pursuits. Your instructor may also know people in your specific field and can put in a good word for you.

It is worth mentioning that college is an ideal time for spreading your wings and figuring out who you are; that being said, it is also a great time to be your own advocate! You will have to take a proactive approach to life as a young adult, and do things that might not be in your comfort zone. One of the things you can do that will serve you well in the long run is introducing yourself courteously to your professors as it will help you earn their trust.

We will offer you 5 tips on how you can easily ingratiate yourself to your professors.

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1. Show Courtesy, Enthusiasm And Respect

It is important to show up for your class on time, be engaged and alert during class and treat your fellow students respectfully. Professors often note these things. Take written notes when you are listening to your instructor. Professors take their time when discussing important concepts; so, make sure you are attentive.

Jotting down key points will keep you focused and may spark relevant questions, queries and comments, which will contribute to your classroom discussion. Keep in mind that professors like students who show a keen interest in their subject! Don’t speak out of turn. It is disrespectful.  It’s difficult for your professor to take you seriously or write a glowing letter of recommendation if you regularly sit in the back row or look at your mobile phone.

If you really want to develop a good relationship with your professor and earn their trust, you should show them the respect you would want them to show you.

2. Work Hard

 This is a no-brainer. You do not have to achieve the best scores in order to build a good relationship with your professor (though it is desirable). You show your interest in the course by working hard. It also communicates that you take your instructor and subject matter seriously. Therefore, put some thought into your projects and assignments, and complete them on time. The most important is to present your own work, so the professor will be sure in your honesty, check the additional resource: https://www.aresearchguide.com/plagiarism-checker.html

3. Take Part In Departmental Activities

Your professor will notice you if you participate in departmental events, like colloquia, outside lectures, or meetings of the departmental student club. Your participation in these activities shows that you really care about your field. And believe us professors admire that.

You can also volunteer in various academic activities, such as debates and seminar presentations, to earn your professor’s trust and affection.

4. Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself during the first week of classes is important. After your professor dismisses a class, walk up to him or her, shake their hand and introduce yourself. State that you are excited and honored to be in their class. Keep in mind that you do not have to give them your complete life story. So, you should be brief. You can tell them about your major, if you have declared one.

5. Engage Outside The Class

You are sure to get in your instructor’s good books if you approach her or him out of class in order to talk about relevant issues that were raised in class. It is worth mentioning that the most suitable venue for this conversation or discussion is during office hours; that being said, many professors have enough time to chat after or before class and are happy to entertain questions.

You should come prepared with a list of issues or questions. Professors are typically willing to help out students, but keep in mind that they cannot read your mind or identify what issues you have unless you tell them! This is why communication is important.

Also, note that the more you show interest in your course material and assignments for its own sake (instead of merely earning a good grade on your paper or a test), the better. Professors like students who show a genuine interest in their course material. And in case you are shy, an email to your professor that follows up on some issue or question that was raised in class could also do the trick.

Final Thoughts

Your professor is a person just like you. He or she is not a scary figure who will belittle you if you ask questions! So, to foster a valuable and lasting relationship with your professor you have to be fully prepared to go the distance in the classroom.

Author Bio: Stephanie Ward is an academic writer and editor, expert at writing guides for students.

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