5 Things You Need To Know About Water Flossers

Flossing is not something new when it comes to its use. As a matter of fact, water flossers have been around since as early as 2016. Although there have been skeptics experienced with its use, it has been found to be a great tool for cleaning between teeth. Flossing is very crucial, especially when it comes to dealing with dental health issues such as plaque.

Flossers are no doubt, very crucial tools when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. According to research from numerous health and lifestyle journals and other sources, flossing is an essential oral hygiene practice.

Here are some things you probably didn’t know about water flossers.

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They Clean Out Periodontal Pockets

When you eat, some particles of food usually remain in the mouth. The worst part usually is when the microscopic potions of this food stick between the teeth and the gums. The only way to get rid of these stuck pieces is by thoroughly cleaning your teeth. Sad enough, the usual methods of cleaning the mouth alone are never enough.

This is because more often than not, most regular toothbrushes aren’t effective enough to reach the tiny spaces between the teeth and gums. Water flossers, on the other hand, are able to remove the subgingival bacteria in one go. Specifically made for this purpose, water flossers efficiently remove these bacteria from the periodontal pockets, leaving the teeth thoroughly cleaned.

2. Water Flossers Reduce Cytokine Inflammations

According to recent research, water Flossers are a good choice to ensure a complete oral care routine. This simply means that during your mouthwash, the chances of bleeding, unlike the usual mouthwash procedures, are minimal. By digging deeper into research, it has been found that using a water flosser, unlike tooth brushing, prevents the production of cytokines. Cytokines, in this case, are proteins that form inside unwashed mouths, which eventually could cause bleeding of gums during mouthwash.

3. They Help You Look Better

You probably guessed this one right. Imagine how demeaning it would be when you smile at someone and there’s a piece of vegetable sticking out from in between your teeth. I believe you don’t want to be in this situation at any given time. Well, this makes a water flosser your best friend.

It helps you smile with confidence when chatting with friends or probably with your boss at work. What happens here is that the water flosser flashes water effectively to your periodontal pockets, getting rid of any food particles lodged beneath. As a result, you can have a healthy and confident smile at all times. However, water flossers are more effective when used regularly.

4. Can Be Used Both Before Or After Mouth Wash

There have been mixed reactions from people who’ve used water flossers. When asked, many have suggested using it after brushing while there are some who suggest using it before mouthwash. However, either of the approaches is applicable according to research. Whether you want to floss after or before brushing, it really does not matter much. So long as you are doing it every day and following the right procedure, the rest is up to you to decide.

5. It Is Good For Kids Too

Water flossers are not only for adults but are also a good therapy for kids. The earlier you train your child to use it, the better. Developing a routine for your kids to use water flossers regularly will allow them to grow up with healthy, clean, and strong teeth. As long as they have teeth that they can touch, using water flosser is as commendable as it is for adults. However, it is important that you help them out to ensure they do it safely.

In summary, getting a water flosser is commendable for advanced dental hygiene. Compared to traditional dental cleaning procedures, there is a very huge and distant difference in terms of results. However, different people have different dental health statuses and cleaning routines. This makes it important to consider visiting your dentist for advice on which type of water flosser to use.

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