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2 Ingenious DIY Bookshelf Designs To Spice Up Your Home

2 Ingenious DIY Bookshelf Designs To Spice Up Your Home

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

In the old days, a bookshelf was a place where we stored books that we referenced for information or that we liked to leisurely read. These days, a bookshelf is more of a home decor item. People often put books on them for display and to make a nice visual, but in this age of digital books, bookshelves aren’t quite used in the same way as they were a decade ago. When was the last time you saw someone take a book off a bookshelf in their home to actually read it? Now they almost serve as something to add a retro flavor to a room, which in itself can still be very nice.

I wanted to share with you two types of creative bookshelves that you can make yourself if you suddenly get the urge to take on a book related DIY project to spice up a room in your home. The first is a collapsible hanging bookshelf made with 35mm film strips. As you know, that type of plastic is very hard to dispose of, and this is a wonderful way to repurpose and reuse your old film. You can click over to PetaPixel for more information about that one.

The second type of bookshelf, which is gaining in popularity for whatever reason, is made out of industrial pipes. I know, it sounds strange, but when you look at the pictures below, you’ll see that it actually makes a really nice effect. If you like that one, you can click over to DIY: Pipe Bookshelf for the tutorial, or you can go to Etsy and purchase one. I thought both of these ideas were truly innovative, and I hope they give you some bookshelf design inspiration of your own!






Two Examples Of Industrial Pipe Bookshelves


Via: [PetaPixel] [Court & Hudson] [Etsy]

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July 29th, 2013



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