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Zombie Slippers Finally Put The Undead To Good Use

Zombie Slippers Finally Put The Undead To Good Use

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Many people know that we have somewhat of a sweet spot for zombies here at Bit Rebels. We love them! Well, maybe we don’t love them, but we find them ultimately cool, if that makes better sense. So far, we have gone through a lot of different zombie themed products that are a must have for any geek or horror fan. We have taken a look at the Zombie Cookie Jar, the Zombie Skull Pen Holder and of course the legendary Zombie Bottle Opener, just to name a few. Today we’re going to put the zombies to better use. It’s time for them to get a firm bite around our feet with the awesome zombie slippers. Wrap these zombie heads around your feet, and you will keep them warm when the power is out due to that zombie apocalypse everyone is waiting for right now.

What more could you wish for when the cold is trying to bite you from outside your door, and you are snugly planted in your zombie slippers? Not even an apocalypse could push that cozy feeling away. I have found a couple pairs of zombie slippers, slightly different in appearance, which I am sure will make you feel comfortable in front of that horror movie when the zombies are roaming the streets outside.

The first pair of zombie slippers are made available by ThinkGeek and are priced at $19.99. It’s a rather geeky price for a pair of zombie slippers that will leave no one untouched. The second pair of zombie slippers are made available by Amazon and are a little bit less gory than the first pair. This second pair has another feature that makes it slightly more fun, and it’s priced at $31.98, which is a little bit more expensive. However, it doesn’t matter what pair you choose, these zombie slippers will totally reinvent your late night movie fashion. I totally need to get myself a pair of these zombie slippers. Since I’m a horror movie fan and all, I think I am going to go for the more gory ones.

Zombie Slippers From ThinkGeek




Zombie Slippers From Amazon




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