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Zombie Skull Pencil Holder For The Horrific Office Worker

Zombie Skull Pencil Holder For The Horrific Office Worker

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Are you constantly trying to keep people out of your cubicle at work? Are you furiously looking for a solution to keep your privacy intact since you have far more on your to-do list than you’d even care to admit? It can totally be an annoyance when you’re all up in work, and you need to go print or copy something, only to come back to a desk that has been raided by your colleagues. That stapler is nowhere to be found and the pencil you love is now stuck behind someone’s ear like a trophy that only a bounty hunter coud be proud of. It’s a scenario that’s all too common, and it happens around the world on a daily basis. But what can you really do about?

What you need is something that will keep even the most experienced office raider off your domain. You need something so horrific that when you leave your cubicle at the end of the day, you know there is no one who will even dare to walk passed it. A Pitbull would be do the trick, right? Well, usually animals are not allowed at work, so I guess that option is out. How about the insanely gory Zombie Pencil Holder?

It is actually made available by Amazon, and it is a sure way to scare the socks off that thief you’ve been trying to catch for as long as you have been working in that office. It can be yours for just $34.95 and could totally serve as target practice for your zombie killing skills. Who knows when we’ll have of them pesky undead people roaming the earth, so it’s best to be prepared and ready, right? Stick a pencil through that zombie skull, and you will always remember where you left it.






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