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Zombie Sheets Are The Ultimate Disguise For The Living

Zombie Sheets Are The Ultimate Disguise For The Living

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

If there really was a zombie apocalypse coming, what would you do? After watching so many zombie-themed movies, I guess the majority of us have at some point asked ourselves what we would do in that situation, right? The thing is, what can you really do? Sure, you could take your stuff and move to Antarctica or some empty island somewhere, but that means you would have to travel, and you would definitely come across a few undead along the way. So, is it better to just stay put at home and try to ride it out? Well, of course it’s impossible to say, but maybe there is another solution to the problem. That solution involves getting in disguise. It’s not just any disguise either, it’s the zombie sheets disguise that will make you look like you are one of the undead.

These zombie sheets are definitely the last resort. If all else fails, this is how you could avoid being eaten alive by the undead that are creeping up on your house because of the smell of fresh meat coming from inside. The only question now is whether or not you could really stand the heat. These zombie sheets are made to look like you have already been attacked and your head is busted open, which of course would make any zombie not interested in you. Is this a good tactic? Well, you’ll never know until you try it, right?

Joking aside, this zombie sheet bed set is one of the most horrifying I have ever seen. I mean, there is no zombie apocalypse looming, so if you decide to dress your bed in these zombie sheets, you can be sure you will soon have the police knocking on your door asking questions. You have to agree that it is almost a little bit too gory for wrapping your bed in. This particular bed set is made available by Etsy seller Melissa Christie. These zombie sheets are inspired by The Walking Dead and are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. There are even dresses available with the same theme. At the current time, this item has completely sold out so I haven’t been able to confirm a price, but Melissa says they are working on restocking and they will be back up with more of these awesome zombie sheets soon.

The Horrifying Zombie Sheets Bed Set





Via: [UFunk – French]

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