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Zombie Coffee & Tea Mugs

Zombie Coffee & Tea Mugs

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Are you sitting on pins and needles awaiting the zombie apocalypse? Are you constantly thinking about stocking up on food, water and supplies in case the world is infested by brain munching friends and family members that met their demise because they weren’t prepared? Then I suggest you seek help, like really! However, if you decide that the world would be just a little bit cooler if there were more zombie movies, products and creations in it then you have totally come to the right place. It so happens that we here at Bit Rebels are suckers for everything that has to do with zombies, and I mean everything from tattoos to cookie jars to just plain apocalyptic zombie movies.

Some scientists have not completely discharged the existence of zombies since they can think of a couple ways that dead people could, under certain laboratory circumstances, keep moving and grunt. This is in no way saying that there will ever be zombies walking this planet, but just that there are ways to reanimate the dead body of a human being.

If you like to reflect over things like this during your morning coffee or tea, then a badass zombie mug should totally keep you company. Etsy seller Skeletal Drop Kick will probably make all your dreams come true. In their own awesome way, they have created the ultimate zombie mugs to keep you reflecting over the fact that zombies will never really die. After all, how could they, right? For around $10, one of these mugs could totally be yours. I am not sure if they are each one offs or if they will make more of these. Either way, if you like zombies, these are totally for you!




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