Zombie Brain Purse Goes Far Beyond Halloween Freakiness

It seems that when it comes down to it, a women’s purse is really what matters. Forget the shoes, the dress or the hair, it’s what goes in and out of the purse that really matters, or at least that’s how it seems sometimes. In a way, I can totally understand that since a women’s purse is like MacGyver’s brain, it has pretty much everything you could ever need in it. Some women grade men by the size of their wallets, so I guess a few men could then grade women by the size of their purses. I mean, the things I have seen women pull out from their purses is just beyond me. I guess there is reason behind it, but sometimes it makes you wonder. So what is it about a purse that is so appealing? Would a zombie brain purse make an impression for example?

I guess it’s untouched territory for most people, yet still I guess we need to ask the question. If you are a woman reading this right now, please don’t be shy. Share your thoughts on what you are looking for in a purse and what makes it a complete sell. If anything, I am sure there are a lot of guys out there who would love to get some input for their Christmas shopping. Maybe they will surprise you with this zombie brain purse, right?

It’s a rather nasty story that will totally make you look beyond trendy and cool. I mean, I am quite sure not many women are walking around with zombie brain purses these days. So why not be the first one on your street to look like a completely awesome zombie hunter and get yourself this badass zombie brain purse? It’s not particularly expensive with its $10.35 price tag over at Amazon. Dare make a statement. It’ll pay off, I promise. Besides, it’s almost Halloween, and you could totally do with a purse in this style, if only for that one evening. After all, it’s on sale. Zombie brain purses FTW!

Gruesome Zombie Brain Purse For The Trendy





Via: [Gizmodiva]


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    Fog Brings Wolves 6 years

    I love those purses. I have a girls Hello Kitty one.

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