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Zombie Brain Clock Is Sure To Keep You On Time

Zombie Brain Clock Is Sure To Keep You On Time

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

They are here to stay! The zombies just don’t seem to stop. There are new products presented pretty much on a daily basis now, and keeping up with them all is a task unlike any other. We do our very best to stay up-to-date with them, but it seems like it is an impossible task. I personally have written quite of few of these zombie articles, and this product is no less impressive than the others, or should I say geeky and gory instead. That seems to be the theme these creators are going for. I am just surprised there isn’t a company called Zombies Incorporated yet (or maybe there is) that solely focuses on producing these kind of products.

This time around, I have honed in on a Brain Eating Zombie Clock. I bet you will actually wake up when using this one, if you ever contemplate getting it. Just checking the time on it should increase your adrenaline quite a bit. It bears a great resemblance to all of the other zombie products I have written about, so I am wondering if they are all developed and produced by the same manufacturer. Could that be the case?

You can get this particular one for just $39.95 over at the Neatoshop, which is a rather stocked up geek shop that houses several horror themed products. If you love this one, you will totally love to browse. It would make for another great addition to your cubicle at work. It seems a lot of people are trying to blend into a looming zombie apocalypse by buying all of these products. I must admit that they are quite eye catching and owning one wouldn’t be too shabby. Hmm…





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