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Zombie Bottle Opener: Pop Beers The Undead Way

Zombie Bottle Opener: Pop Beers The Undead Way

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We have featured quite a few bottle openers throughout the years here at Bit Rebels. Some are more awesome than others, but they always have one thing in common, and that is that they are all made for the true geek in us. There is everything from Star Trek bottle openers to some that I don’t even know how to describe. Some are even whole contraptions and machines, like the one created out of Lego that I wrote about not too long ago. Depending on what you are a fan of, there is probably a bottle opener somewhere out there that will tickle your fancy. And, there are of course some that we haven’t dug into yet, some that we simply haven’t seen before that are awesome enough to be put to the test in front of you, our visitors.

The latest in the long row of bottle openers that I want to present to you is the zombie bottle opener. I would call it the ultimate undead way to enjoy your beer. It’s a pretty straight forward opener, but with a different approach to it. If you are used to popping the cap off a beer with your teeth then stop. It’s not only bad for your teeth, but you can also cut yourself quite badly if you are not careful enough.

Nah, let the undead do the job for you instead. Let them tear their loose teeth out of their rotting head like tomorrow doesn’t matter. After all, they are undead, right? This new and pretty cool zombie bottle opener is made available by Neatorama through their Neatoshop, and it will set you back a calming $12.95. It comes complete with tinted green skin, bulging zombie eyes and a brain that is halfway out of its skull. Yup, it’s a legit zombie bottle opener for sure. Nothing fancy, just badass in ever sense.





Via: [Geeks Are Sexy]

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