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WTF, OMG & Other Pillows Made For Computer Geeks

WTF, OMG & Other Pillows Made For Computer Geeks

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There comes a time in every geek’s life when you just need to rest for a bit and kind of get away from the computer for a couple of minutes (or hours) to recharge your batteries. Somehow social media has become quite an energy drainer because once you get into it, you just don’t want to stop. And besides, there are no real limits in social media, which makes us just want to keep going and going because everyone else is. That’s when you know you are addicted to the social media buzz, and you might need a quick break from it all. So what do you need to get all relaxed in order to recharge your batteries most efficiently? Well, a pillow of course!

We’ve featured a lot of social media pillows here on Bit Rebels, but never any like these I am sure. These are actually a bunch of pillows that have a whole different feel to them. First, we have the Apple Logo pillows, which should be quite retro now that Apple is in pretty much every news headline. Then we have the acronym pillows. Do you sometimes feel like just throwing an acronym fight when watching TV? Well, now you can!

I have also found the awesome “real geek” pillows with dos listings! How can a geek not want those, right? To round it off, there is of course the music pillow which should come in handy at anytime. Now you can sit on your music, and that should be quite enough to charge your batteries to their limitless power. You can find the Apple Logo, acronym and dos listing pillows over at Throwboy where you can find a ton of other social icons as well. When it comes to the music pillow, you will have to turn to ThinkGeek for you pleasurable purchases.

Geek Logo And Abrevation Pillows

Geek Logo And Abrevation Pillows

Geek Logo And Abrevation Pillows

Geek Logo And Abrevation Pillows

Geek Logo And Abrevation Pillows

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