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Tallest Tunnel Slide In The World Is Not For The Faint Hearted

Tallest Tunnel Slide In The World Is Not For The Faint Hearted

9 Months Ago By Richard Darell

If you are one of the brave ones, this article is going to excite your adrenaline rush bone. What we are about to present to you might be a bucket list addition worthy a top spot. This is not for the faint hearted so if you are afraid of heights, well, perhaps you should have a peek and have a go at it nonetheless. Behold the world’s tallest tunnel slide!

Measuring 583 feet (178m) tall, it will take you a whopping 40 seconds to make it all the way down to the bottom. As if that wasn’t enough, at the very end you will experience a 164-foot (50m) drop just to get that adrenaline of yours pumping.

It’s called The Slide and is created by Belgian artist Carsten Höller at the invitation of Sir Anish Kapoor, designer of the ArcelorMittal Orbit (UK’s tallest public artwork). The slide is intertwined within the artwork itself offering the unique experience of seeing the artwork from almost any angle. The visitor will circle the ArcelorMittal Orbit artwork 12 times just to make sure you don’t miss a single curve of the impressive structure.

As you weave through the ironwork, you will have a scenic view of London which makes the whole experience almost surreal. Never before have you been able to enjoy a more epic tunnel slide, and the fact that it is the world’s tallest tunnel slide is enough for it to add itself the ever expanding bucket list.

It’s one of London’s most popular tourist attractions, and it has been a success among both youngsters as well as older people. As they say, you are never too old to keep the kid in you smiling. If you are thinking about conquering the tallest tunnel slide in the world, make sure to bring your patience. The attraction is well visited so if you want to go a second time it will cost you a few bucks. But what does that matter when you get three times the value? You will get to go on the tallest tunnels slide in the world, get an up-close view of a spectacular public artwork and, of course, you will get the scenic view of London in the background. It is almost too good to be true!

The Slide – World’s Tallest Tunnel Slide

World's Tallest Tunnel Slide

World's Tallest Tunnel Slide

World's Tallest Tunnel Slide

World's Tallest Tunnel Slide

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