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Tranquil Wooden LEGO Bricks Combine Nature & Geek

Tranquil Wooden LEGO Bricks Combine Nature & Geek

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

The moment I saw these LEGO bricks a few days ago, I knew I had to share them with you. The way they combine the traditional geeky LEGO flavor with a feeling of peaceful, serene nature makes them unique, and this is a set of bricks I’d love to own. We’ve seen many designers put their own spin on traditional LEGO bricks over the years. Since there is a whole new generation of LEGO lovers growing up right now, I have a feeling that won’t change for generations to come.

These are special though. My guess is that most kids would find these colors boring, so I would put them in the adult LEGO category. These wooden LEGO bricks (which technically aren’t from the brand LEGO obviously) come in a quantity of 50 in that beautiful bag. Each brick was carved from wood (birch, maple, etc.) that aged for at least 3 years. Since each piece is created from natural wood, there are signs of age and individual characteristics on the bricks.

Perhaps these will simply inspire you to create your own. I found a post here on Second Wind Workshop with someone who made some bricks with scrap wood, and they turned out nice! You can check that out to see how he did it. If you are going to make wooden LEGO bricks, you probably want some wooden minifigs to go with them, right? I found an Etsy artist, Thibaut MALET, who makes wooden minifigs. He’s sold out at the moment, but I’m sure you could contact him about making more. The subtle colors and peaceful nature of these wooden bricks would make them the perfect addition to your geek collection. If you would like to buy some for yourself, you can click over to iichi.

Tranquil Wooden LEGO Bricks Combine Nature & Geek






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January 22nd, 2013

This item is not sold in the US. Is there anyway to purchase this item?


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