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When They Were Young: Baby Star Wars Characters

When They Were Young: Baby Star Wars Characters

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Before the prequels were released and George Lucas had just announced that he was working on another set of three movies I, along with millions of other Star Wars fans, got really excited. I believe it was about a couple of weeks after the announcement that we still didn’t know whether it was going to be a continuation of the first series of movies or if these three movies were actually going to be prequels. But as we all know, they were prequels and they had somewhat of a darker feel to them. Not like the Batman movies compared to the later Batman movies. These prequels had managed to preserve the Star Wars feel quite well and once again we were brought back to the world of Star Wars.

But far from the darkness and the force were the days when the Star Wars characters were just babies. This tale is a lot more bright and I guess some would say a softer touch to the Star Wars series. What were they really like, the characters that is? I think we all know how Anakin Skywalker was as that is pretty much what the whole prequel series is all about. how Darth Vader became who he is more or less. To answer this question however, Etsy seller Octopus Tree has created a whole set of posters that you can now grace the walls of your baby’s bedroom or playroom in order to ease him or her into the Star Wars awesomeness.

You will be able to choose from 4 epic Star Wars characters and they range from $20 to $70 per poster. A small price to pay for such splendid artistry I think. They are in vibrant colors and they are quite amusing and would do justice in any toddler room, no matter what kind of wallpaper or color you have chosen. You can even get them all these illustrations in one single poster which will definitely put all that cuddliness right there above your Emperor-To-Be kid. These are yet another touch to the Star Wars series that we may now venture into. Creative and epic, just like the movies!

Star Wars Characters As Babies

Star Wars Characters As Babies

Star Wars Characters As Babies

Star Wars Characters As Babies

Star Wars Characters As Babies

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