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Video Game Controller Bra Spawns Distraction On An Epic Scale

Video Game Controller Bra Spawns Distraction On An Epic Scale

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There have long been discussions about the different ways girls can drag their geek boys away from whatever they have clearly immersed themselves into too much. When a geek is all into something, it is sometimes hard to get his or her attention. I don’t know why that is really. I am the same way when I get all up into work, whether it is designing a new layout for a website or just pure coding. It is just necessary I guess, but this goes for gaming geeks as well. Once they start playing a game and set a goal to get finish it, it’s almost impossible to distract or have a conversation with that person. Maybe that is why the video game controller bra was invented. Is it the perfect distraction innovation?

This attention spawner is created by SceeneShoes, and it has to be one of the geekiest pieces geek underwear a girl could ever wear. The sexiest? Nah, not if I may express my own humble opinion, but I must say that it is still a clever idea. The video game controller on this bra is unfortunately not the working kind. It is hand painted with permanent colors, and it’s sure to last for a long time. This video game controller bra is based upon an XBox 360 game controller and should totally produce results, whatever that means.

If you think about it, a video game controller bra and a geek in the same room? That would totally mean trouble! But then again, I guess a girl who puts this on is well aware of the consequences that might be set in motion, so I don’t think we need to go there. The only sad part about this ingenious concept is that in order to get one, you will have to wait for at least 5 weeks for it to be delivered since they are all out of stock right now. The fact that it is hand painted means that the production of it isn’t exactly fast. However, it makes for an even more epic product if you ask me. Imagine a whole geek society walking around wearing this bra. It would possibly spawn a zombie-like revolution in the world. The price is set from $25 to $45 per bra.

SceeneShoes Video Game Controller Bra – (XBox 360)





Via: [Technabob]

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