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Video Game Bow Ties

Video Game Bow Ties

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As a true gamer, you know that whenever there is a party, event or a gathering you always need to wear at least something, no matter how big or small, that tells the story of your gaming achievements. You know exactly what to wear just to get the talk started. Nothing game related is ever a bad topic to talk about, and it doesn’t matter what time of day either. There are of course a million accessories that you could choose from. There’s everything from the awesome R2-D2 Flash Drive Cufflinks that Diana wrote about yesterday to the R2-D2 Helmet that will keep you safe on your way to any event.

But if you want to geek it up beyond the subtle accessories, you can go a little bit more bold. These Video Game Bow Ties are a sure way to get the attention focused on you… or rather the things you wear. The event will be buzzing with questions of where you got them, and that they are worthy of a true gaming geek. Etsy seller Geeky Gamer Shop created these ultimate spotlight magnets.

For just $5 a pop, you will be able to flaunt the geekiest bow ties your friends have ever seen. You can choose from a Nintendo NES Controller, Minecraft Creeper, Legend of Zelda and a whole lot of other really awesome bow ties. There are some movie based bow ties as well if you ever want to switch it up just a little. After all, you can’t rule the world with just games, right? These bow ties are definitely a necessity in any gaming geek’s clothing arsenal.






Via: [Walyou]

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