DIY Star Trek Cat Tree Is Inspired By USS Enterprise & Romulans

I remember last year when someone built a Star Trek Cat Tree that went viral. It was everywhere. That thing was so awesome that I bet some people wanted to get a cat just so they would have an excuse to get that cat tree. Today I’d like to share another Star Trek cat tree with you, and this one is even more elaborate than the first. It’s inspired by the USS Enterprise and the Romulans. If you and your cat are trekkies, you can build one of these yourself.

I don’t have a cat, but I see cat trees in the stores often. Most of them are ugly, so this is a refreshing change from the ordinary. This was created by Instructables user hatstand4510. You can get her full tutorial at Star Trek Cat Tree (with Enterprise and Romulan Bird of Prey).

You’ll be building two separate parts – the Enterprise and the Romulan bird of prey. Then you’ll add the trunks. It doesn’t look too complicated to make. The list of materials is full of plywood, connectors, bolts and the usual stuff. The end result is a cat tree that will make any geeky cat proud to perch. Think how awesome it would be to have this displayed in your living room, well, if you’re a trekkie that is.

If you make this for your cat, I hope you’ll come back and leave us some pictures so we can see it! Your cat will love being the ruler of your galaxy on top of this thing. Writing about this cat tree makes me want to watch one of my favorite Star Trek movies ever – The Wrath of Khan. If you want to add even more Romulan into your life, you might want to consider making some Romulan Ale.

USS Enterprise & Romulan Cat Tree

Tutorial Here On Instructables
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Via: [Geekologie]


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    Betty 12 months

    Fabulous! Now is Scottie could only beam one up to me.

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