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Umbrella Design Let’s You Text & Hold An Umbrella At The Same Time

Umbrella Design Let’s You Text & Hold An Umbrella At The Same Time

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I rarely ever carry an umbrella when it rains. Aside from the fact I can never find one when I need it, it’s hard to carry. What I mean is that I’m always carrying other things with my hands like a Caramel Macchiato and my iPhone. With the way an umbrella requires us to hold it, it makes it challenging to carry other things. So, I usually just use the “duck and run” method to avoid the rain. This geeky umbrella design could change all that.

This umbrella design was inspired by the fact that people can’t text and hold an umbrella at the same time. I’m not sure why someone would want to text in the rain, but apparently some people do. If you are one of those people, now you won’t have to put down the umbrella to have access to your speedy typing thumb. You’ll be able to hold this umbrella with your fingers and keep your thumb free for texting (or tweeting, etc.)

This little finger hole umbrella design is insanely simple, yet I bet for some people, it will make a big difference in their lives. If you walk to work, you’ll also be able to send emails in the rain. Yippee. It’s called the Brolly Rain Umbrella, and you can pick it up for $20. If you get this thing, you’ll probably notice it makes a lot of other things a little easier too, aside from texting and sending emails.

Now…in case you missed this last week…if you want to see an umbrella that will make your inner geek sing, click over to the Airblow 2050. It keeps the rain off you by blowing powerful air all around so the rain is redirected off you before it ever hits you. That high tech design is incredible BUT you won’t be able to text while carrying it. Only you can decide which is a more important umbrella design feature for you. I bet you never knew choosing an umbrella could be such a hard decision!

Brolly Umbrella Design Frees Up Your Thumb For Texting In The Rain






Via: [Wordless Tech] [Oh Gizmo!]

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