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Turn Your Baby Bump Into The Death Star…Sounds Logical To Me

Turn Your Baby Bump Into The Death Star…Sounds Logical To Me

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Dang, I never thought about this before, but if you are preggers, you have a fully operational battle station built right into your body. That’s right, your own personal death star (with a heartbeat) is right there waiting to be part of the geeky cosplay fun. Hey, we always say, you gotta get ’em hooked on Star Wars when they’re young, and you pretty much can’t get any younger than this. These are the kind of pictures a mom could use to bribe her kid when he or she gets older.

I can see it now, at her daughter’s wedding she busts out with these photos, “This is the first time I dressed my little Suzie up as the Death Star. She had X-Wings, TIE fighters and a glow in the dark laser. Isn’t she cute?” Nah, I actually think it’s a very creative idea, and I love it. I could only hope my mother would bust out with something like this someday. We’ve featured a lot of cosplay on Bit Rebels, but I think this may be the first time we’ve featured pregnancy cosplay. Yay for moms!

These pictures, which were taken back in 2009, are just now starting to show up all over online. Since this little girl is about 3 years old now, I wonder if she is having fun with it or if the embarrassment has started yet. Actually, I don’t think kids get embarrassed at age 3, do they? Well, just wait mom, when your little bot becomes a teenager, you are in big trouble! You better destroy these pictures now while you still can. If you would like to see some non-baby bump Death Star cosplay, click here. I personally like the preggers one better, but that’s just me.






Via: [Flickr / andibob909] [Geeks Are Sexy] [Fashionably Geek]

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