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Trekkies: The Killingest Star Trek Dress (Transporter Not Included)

Trekkies: The Killingest Star Trek Dress (Transporter Not Included)

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I’m sure all my fellow girl Trekkies will agree that the Star Trek dresses in all the movies and television shows would be so much fun to wear in real life. I’m not talking about Star Trek cosplay, which by the way is very cool in its own way. I’m talking about the fabulously geeky dresses that Nurse Chapel and Lieutenant Uhura used to wear. Of course, it would be even better to wear one of those skintight head-to-toe body suits that 7 of 9 wore, but who am I kidding… I’d have to spend six months in the gym to pull that badboy off.

I would be perfectly happy to wear one of those cute little red Star Trek signature dresses that we all know so well. As a matter of fact, I’m sure it would become my favorite dress by far. However, how would I dress it up so I could wear it to client meetings without looking like a Trekkie freak walking around in a conservative office building?

I’m very happy to say that Elizabeth Giorgi, the brilliantly creative writer at Being Geek Chic, has it all figured out for us. First, we need to go to ThinkGeek and purchase the cute little cotton Star Trek dress for 40 bucks (or you could go to this site and purchase the pattern for half that price and make it yourself, but who the hell would want to do that?). Then, following Elizabeth’s advice, we could pair it with the accessories you see in the images below to create a rockin everyday work-appropriate outfit. Nice!

Think Geek Star Trek Uniform

Think Geek Star Trek Uniform

Think Geek Star Trek Uniform

Think Geek Star Trek Uniform

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