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Trekkie Builds Geeky Soapbox Starship Enterprise Racer In His Backyard

Trekkie Builds Geeky Soapbox Starship Enterprise Racer In His Backyard

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Whenever I think of a trekkie, I think of Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Nimoy. For some reason, those two names always come to mind. Trekkies are a special breed of geeks, and they would do anything to protect the Prime Directive. This particular trekkie, Rob Wixley, decided to show the world his Star Trek style by building this incredible soapbox Starship Enterprise racer in his backyard.

He built it for the Red Bull soapbox derby on July 14th in London, and if he can go warp speed in this thing, he’ll surely win first place. It took Rob and three of his friends two months to build this soapbox racer inspired by the Starship Enterprise. It oooozes of trekkie creativity, and they way they built it will put a smile on your face.

According to Damn Geeky, “This two meter long craft has a steel framework that forms the base of this Starship which is welded to a bike cut in half with inverted handlebars for ease in steering. Other than that, the shaping of the soapbox Starship Enterprise was done with plywood and polystyrene. Rob coated it in fiberglass and sanded it before applying the paint.”

Rob took his creation to the premier of Into The Darkness. Red Bull picked up his tab since they were so impressed with his creativity. If I lived in London, I would attend the soapbox derby next month and cheer Rob on to victory. We don’t feature Star Trek builds on Bit Rebels as much as we do Star Wars builds, but seeing this makes me want to write about them more. To all trekkies out there, just remember, anything is possible! If you’ve seen some other jaw-dropping Star Trek builds, I hope you’ll send them to me so I can write about them! My email address is in my bio below.

Soapbox Starship Enterprise

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