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You Don’t See This Everyday: Full Size Toyota Land Cruiser Ice Carving

You Don’t See This Everyday: Full Size Toyota Land Cruiser Ice Carving

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

There are ice carvings, and then there are ICE CARVINGS. You know what I mean. It’s cool to carve something out of a piece of ice, there’s no doubt about that. It’s all about creating a piece of temporary art out of a material that is so cold you have to wear mittens, plus it’s melting away the entire time you’re making it. Well, unless you are building it outside, on a huge sheet of ice, in Russia, in the middle of winter.

In that case, I suppose you’d have time to build something spectacular without standing in a huge freezer the whole time or without it melting before you’re finished. Somebody (maybe Toyota?) built this full size Toyota Land Cruiser ice carving, and it’s fantastic. They even added a few LEDs for effect.

The people who created this ice carving obviously knew what they were doing – they even carved the interior, including seats and a steering wheel. The door, which is obviously also made of ice, opens and a person can actually sit inside the truck. I don’t know what they used to make the steering wheel black, but I’m blown away by the interior and how accurate it is.

This ice carving was made to celebrate the Russian city of Perm, which is apparently so cold it’s like a big block of ice this time of year. Suddenly all the ice carvings I’ve seen at weddings aren’t as impressive anymore. This is definitely the most extravagant ice carving I’ve ever seen. I’m sure this Land Cruiser would be less expensive to maintain than the real one too! If you want to see more, you can click over to 9 Ice Sculptures That Will Inspire You. The ice carvings in that post are impressive too, but they don’t beat this. I mean, it’s not everyday you see an $80,000 SUV recreated in a block of ice.

Full Size Toyota Land Cruiser Ice Carving







Via: [Geekologie] [Technabob] Image Credits: [Yaplakai]

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