Top 10 Smartest People Alive Today [Infographic]

As we all know, there are some pretty clever people in the world. There are people who have been able to redefine physics, chemistry, biology and our entire outlook on life itself with seemingly no instruments at all. There’s no doubt Einstein is one of these people, and his name has become synonymous with the word genius. Maybe it’s because he managed to figure out some of the world’s most elusive mathematical problems. Einstein is said to have had an IQ over 200, and he is regarded as one of the smartest people to ever walk this earth. Did you know that when looking at the top 10 smartest people alive today, there are several who surpass Einstein’s intelligence. It’s quite intriguing, isn’t it?

Even though IQ and intelligence are measurable metrics, I still have a hard time labeling people based on their intelligence. I think being labeled does something to us that isn’t good for overall creativity. Creative thinking has such a broad perspective that measuring intelligence in each area would not only be almost impossible, but also very time consuming. It would be time consuming enough to possibly deem the whole measurement a waste of time to begin with.

However, measuring IQ and folding it on paper as a top 10 smartest metric is the only way that everyone will understand and get an overview of it. Some people are smarter than others, it’s just what we are all used to, but there are of course different kinds of smart. You can be a mathematical genius but have no skills at all when you are out in public and trying to communicate. You can be someone who is able to accurately predict the future, but your short term predictions might fail catastrophically. Then what does it mean if you are on the top 10 smartest people list?

In a fresh infographic called Top 10 Smartest People Alive Today from Super Scholar, we are treated to some quite impressively smart people and some basic information about their backgrounds. There’s no doubt all of these people are at a level apart from us ordinary people. Let’s take Terrence Tao for example. He is 36 years old and is considered the smartest person on this infographic. It would be easy to call him the smartest person alive, but I am sure there are a few people out there who would have objections about that, so I have decided to keep away from it.

Mr. Tao is said to have an IQ of 230, which of course when compared to Einstein’s 200 is quite impressive. Tao was actually the youngest participant in the Mathematical Olympiad, and he won when he was just 13 years old. Again, it’s all about mathematics. What’s more interesting is that as of today, Tao has published over 230 research papers, which in itself is a feat. What they are all about I could only speculate.

Do you think you would fit in with this top 10 smartest people list? Have you ever taken a real IQ test? Maybe you are even a member of MENSA, who knows. It’s good to know that the intelligence of mankind is going up. Maybe one day we’ll see a stop to all the stupid things we are doing to each other and the world, or maybe we will become worse. Most of these people have chosen a more laid back approach to everything except their mathematical connection to the world, which in itself is one less problem to worry about.

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    the fan 5 years

    mr. anotony stark is the smartest man alive today, surpassing Einstein by a huge margin. He is supposed to have performed feats which are truly and unarguably extraordinary even when the best minds are put against him. He is said to have a super-computer for a brain, capable of such sheer unparalled brilliance that people in general can only look and wonder. He has scaled such unchartered heights of mental magnificence that no adequate measuring system can comprehend the true extend of his prodigy. His competitors have long since given up the hope of being able to prove themselves worthy of even being in the shadows of this great man. So great is his intelligence that all forms of IQ tests seems like an insult to his brilliance. He is truly a god among men – the likes of whom the world will never see again. And so it is with a sad heart that i must inform you of his decision to leave this planet and seek intelligence elsewhere in the cosmos for he has nothing more to achieve out here on planet earth.

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    the fan 5 years

    the second cleverest being on earth could perhaps be his best friend and companion for 7 years – the labrador named “Polskienstein Abramus Lewinsky” after the trio who had at one point decided to be worthy enought to challenge the great Mr. stark. So ammused was he to find these gentlemen so firm in their belief of outwitting him that he decided to let them win the first round of the mental battle they had. Needless to say, he wasnt so generous in the next rounds. So completely blown away they were at witnessing the extent of Stark’s mental capacity that it is said they had gone insane thereafter. Stark felt a sense of deep guilt at causing such trauma for them that he named his labrador in their honour. It is said that this lab could solve the 5th dimensional schrodinger’s equation for parallel plataeu of symmetric synaptic planes of infinitely small centroid of projection on the astral level, with its eyes closed.

  • comment-avatar
    danny goines 4 years

    Uhhhhh @thefan, I dont get it? 8D

  • comment-avatar
    jake 4 years

    It makes sense that the smartest man on earth is an asian not even all the mids in america put together could beat one asian

  • comment-avatar
    Grace 4 years

    there is no smartest or dumest person on this planet earth.who made this shall not be fameos!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!im not saying this cuz im not on here!!!!!!!cus im a strait AAAAAstudent who likethis thx for your understanding!!!!!bye

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    emily johnes 4 years

    a website that can be helpful for iq is
    you can find that how many people in the world are smarter than you

    • comment-avatar
      bamzy 4 years

      I’m smarter than 95.7% of all world population!

  • comment-avatar
    Tuesday 4 years

    “10 people that nobody would deny are unworthy” means “10 people that are undeniably unworthy”. Meaning they are unworthy. It should read “that nobody would deny are worthy”.

  • comment-avatar
    JJ 3 years

    James Woods has a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking? LMAO
    This author has a 2 digit IQ at best. Most of these people have never taken IQ tests, but making significant contributions to our understanding of the cosmos indicates a slightly higher IQ than “enrolling in Linear Algebra at UCLA while in high school”.

  • comment-avatar
    Robert T. Hamilton 3 years

    People of the Einstein era were limited in study materials. They had to imagine or invent things to be brilliant about. Robert T. Hamilton (Bob?)

  • comment-avatar
    Marchcool 3 years

    Somebody forgot George W Bush

  • comment-avatar
    Marchcool 3 years

    In 100 years maybe nobody will remember more than half of the names of that list.
    It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, but what you do with it. And this is what remains for the posterity.
    Some of those people are just ephemeral geniuses.

  • comment-avatar
    Red Monk 2 years

    I calculate differential equations off-head…i have an IQ of 173,smarter than Einstein himself

  • comment-avatar
    Rinky 1 year

    Who are these people I have never heard or seen them before.

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